mandag 25. februar 2008

torsdag 14. februar 2008

piccadilly line

there´s nothing like running late on a confusing subway-labyrinth-system during rush-hour.
carriyng your heavy stuff up and down stairs and escalators, sweat dripping from your forehead, landing on a strangers hand holding the morning paper.
him, eye-balling your eyes out.
-sorry sir.
it makes you think about japanese business men killing time by feeling up girls on crammed tubes on their way to work, how can they sleep at night?
imagine standing in a shitpacked train, unmoveable and morning-sick and some business-hand is grabbing your sweaty girl/boy-balls and there´s nothing you can do but give me hope johanna.
commute-traveling with your next-man is always a pain in the ass of some sort.
but, sometimes, sometimes you can slide down those escalators to the calm chill and refuge from
the summers intense heat, and just cruise through the underground like a flock of silly dogs, fresh like the wind, barking at the cctv´s.
even stopping in front of the fish-eyed mirrors for a little documentation.
so, this picture is from one of those rare occasions, it is taken in the london underground somewhere.god bless its picturesque honesty.

-------------------------- DON´T! FEEL US UP BUSINESS-MEN!----------

shopping in nottingham

as a relatively new and very un-jaded junior-rockband you get pretty psyched finding your record in a random recordstore, and if your band has its on little tag its even sweeter.
god bless that tag.

onsdag 13. februar 2008

best buddies.

him, that guy and what´s his name.