torsdag 22. mai 2008


kids say the darndest things!

i guess we have alot of work to do, cause judging by this video
new york kids doesnt have alot a love for ungdomskulen.
we have some love for them though for being so frank and child-like in their harsh critisism.
here´s what they had to say about our video "modern drummer".
check it out!

søndag 11. mai 2008

everyone who are something is on tv.

when we were in los angeles,usa we did what everybody who goes to hollywood tries so hard to do.
we got on tv.
not only that we make our first tv-apperance ever,we got to do it on nobel peace prize winner al gore´s channel "current tv".

so this is what happened.
we came in good time to the studio and was escorted into a nice waiting room with a kick-ass leathercouch.
there was contemporary art on the walls and a big shiny black table filling the room, decorated with all sorts of exotic fruits and the most delicious italian sandwiches we´ve ever put our scandinavian eyes on.
and so we decided to check the fridge, and to our big amazement it was filled with imported beers, of which we instantly got our hands on.
so it was 13.00 and we were doing our first tv-apparance and we are getting good and tipsy.
can it get any better?

it was time to get some tv-makeup on.
there were two lovely ladies who painted our faces, and we requested to get whiskers and eyeshadow, and black noses.
they couldnt believe it,-you are going on tv, and you wanna look like cat drag-prostitues, they asked us.
well, it took some convincing but that was what we wanted.
so they did a marvelous job on us and we got three different eye-shadow colors.
just like t.m.n.t or kiss even, you know having your own color and all.
we felt sooooo good!
then we went and represented.

here we are now with the tv-host, im sorry but i cant remember his name, lets call him splinter.
also, check out the hollywood hills in the background, mezmerizing!

onsdag 7. mai 2008

what if...

...we were more like GWAR?

well, then our logo would probably look more like this.

thanks to joey for making and sending this to us!