søndag 29. juni 2008

hove audience

so i merged three pics that i took of the audience attending the ungdomskulen show at this years hove festival, and this is what you all look like.
really nice to see some ungdomskulen shirts here and there!
here you are now...

Ungdomskulen @ Hove Festival

heres u.s doing an acoustic version of modern drummer for norwegian tv-show called lydverket.
håvard eliassen is playing saxomophone and two of our tent-neighbours joined in on percussion.

mandag 9. juni 2008

work in progress

good people!
do we have some news for you!
ungdomskulen are working on our sophmore record, and it is going really well.
we have 4 tracks as good as down, and we started just 2 weeks ago.
there will be a slow song on this record, maybe we can be so bold to even call it a ballad, but apart from telling you that, we are very secretive about it, our little gem, $ in the hat.
we are planning to release it in febuary 2009.
so be patient for chrissake!
we don´t have a working title for it, but if anyone has any ideas just hit us with it.
either here or there.
in the meantime...
here´s a picture of us taking a break from rocking out!

------------>arm-pit steve, smelly feet and stinky pants

søndag 1. juni 2008

new york

in this day and age its no biggie to have been in new york.
i remember my childhood friend mattias who went to florida with his family when we were 10years old.
it was pretty damn cool and i was impressed as hell when he came back with american candy and a miami dolphins cap.
but i guess it isnt really cool to be impressed these days.
i mean the echo of the 90s slacker-attitude lingers on, at least in the world of pop-rock(HAHAHAHA).
but we want to change that, and try to bring some enthusiasm back into the game.
so listen up, we were in new york, and it was mindblowing!
we went shopping, played shows for real newyorkans, we saw breakdancers on an underground-station.
we went hipster-spotting in williamsburg(they were everywhere!), we rode yellow cabs, we went to eat at the "seinfeld-diner", and we crossed the brooklyn bridge a hundred times.
we were totally amazed and knocked flat, and we feel really blessed about the XP.
and we love new york and cant wait to go back.
and to us its a really big deal, and for those of you who hasnt been, just go!
its amazing!

here´s the proof:

......................................him?, that guy?, and whats his face?