torsdag 17. juli 2008

wedding thrashers

being a band with no restrictions as far as playing-ground goes, ungdomskulen performed their most leftfield gig to date, at a wedding.
we didnt play covers mind you, we let the groom pick from our hardhitting back catalogue of prog-punk jams.
it wasnt any wedding though, it was a really nice, sweet wedding, with hints of greek passion and poetic grandeur of past times.
we where a little nervous at our arrival(we were afraid that we´d ruin the whole wedding and everyone would hate us) but when we left we had been part of
limbo-dancing, dancer-in-the-ring and a bona fide moshpit(some wedding).
we were all alittle touched,tired, in love with life and red-cheeked, all according to protocol.

here we are now with the beautiful bride and groom, oda and leiv otto

onsdag 2. juli 2008

u.s in stereogum

hey folks
we are featured in this weeks "quit your day-job" column on stereogum,
its a good fun interview,an mp3 and a mix that i made, so its really worth a look.
so go check it out!
i recommend it HIGHLY!