torsdag 6. august 2009

for markus

allright everyone of you!
we´re back, its a weird thing having a blog it´s almost like a friend that
you really like to hang out with for a while, and then like a fading trend you just
throw that glowstick away, untill you pick up where you left it and think it´ll glow forever.

so camp ungdomskulen is doing well, we are located in a new practice-space/studio
after the nasty fire, and we have slowly started to work on new songs.
or a song.
we have a 7"-single coming out in europe this fall, its a single for idunno with a previoulsy unreleased gem for the b-side, we´ll tell you more about that as things are ready and steady.
the cover-photo is mindbending, you´ll see.
its really one for the collectors.

so,last weekend we played a festival located in the longest fjord in the world or something, at least its the deepest, anywho,.. the festival is located in the most amazing sorroundings, and the festival well it was called fresn.
its an old friend and sometimes stage-saxomofonist for u.s that runs it, and while going there we also got to see a live reindeer and a waterfall that´s on the unesco herritage list, its like the 600 wonders of the world or something, we drank water coming from the mountains like goats and were free-spirited and loose.
let us show you...