onsdag 23. september 2009

Idunno Tour Post 2

So we are 5 days into the tour, and it´s been hard posting anything because its been hard getting our claws on the good ol´ internet.
So we played 3 dates so far, Bath, Coventry and yesterday we had the single-release for Idunno at hoxton bar and kitchen,
it went really well and we had a fun night.
We went shopping for tights at the Camden-market earlier that day so we premiered them at the single-launch, i must admit that
it feels really good with those stretchy sex-fiends wrapped around the pale old sticks and i suppose it´s a feeling you come back to.
Again and again, and again once more.

So the weather has been really nice and we´ve met alot of friendly peeps.

We were supposed to go to the zoo but we did´nt manage to get up in the morning so we had to let the tigers down.
We went to the movies on our night off instead, we brought a bottle of red wine each and smuggled it into the really expensive Leicstersquare theatre
and enjoyed the hell out of ourselves while watching Inglorious Basterds, after that we went dancing at various establishments in Old Street.
We learned that Londoners are really afraid of letting their guards down, and dancing the night the way is the best thing in the world,
but we allready knew that.
Pure magic.

here we are now in the underworld...

søndag 20. september 2009

Idunno Tour Post 1

Tour is a-happening, and we just finished a gig in Bath.
It was a Jane Austin festival in town with alot of people dressed up as ladies and gentlemen from
the old times, man i´m glad i did´nt live in those times.
So the sun is up and so is our spirit, give it a week and we´d be like wolves fighting for a sunday turkey.
After the show at Moles(the venue) we were handed a poem by a guy, but i think he was delivering it from a shy girl,
it seemed like a spontanious thing, and we were really touched and happy to receive it, and for your pleasure we are gonna post it on our B:L:O:G!
Stay saturated for new Adventures.