mandag 13. juni 2011


we just got back from a little tour/adventure and i thought we´d run through it with you guys!

so, we started off in oslo, playing mono café.
it was some mad tropical heat that day so the sweat poured down our handsome faces like it was no tomorrow. it was a fun gig and alot of our friends came out to see us.
life-coach/wildman erlando bastardo was cracking jokes backstage to pump us up.

that night we slept 2 hours before we left for london.
london means carrying suitcases up and down the stairs in the underground, eating shish-kebabs and sleep in stinky hotels, and we did all that and more...

when we arrived we went straight to some warehouse to do a photoshoot for IDOL Magazine, we got our faces all dolled up with powder and man-make-up and got dressed up and styled with fine clothing and so the shoot was done in the street.
afterwards we did the interview, man it took like 5 hours.

here´s frode from the future and back.

our tired asses went straight to the venue after that.
that night we played with a really cool band called civil civic, and the show was really rocking and ace!
the london-crowd is always a little awaiting, but at the end we had them all by the ponytails. the chicken-on-the-floor crew came out, as did our lovely friend andy and our pr-genious-queen sarah(the prude-free) and her friend madeleine, as well as jonny from peter and the pirates.
our penguin-dressed, partner in crime andy came out and so we borrowed alittle money from him.
after the concert-room shut down we snuck in and plugged my ipod into the mixingtable, and we ended up with a little dancefloor with about 10-15 peoples doing the most inventing dancemoves known to shoes.

an hour later we stumbled sweaty and happy out into the night and grabbed a piece of something edible before we shut eyes in our petite hotel-room/zoo dungeon.

next day we flew straight to berlin, and ended up eating pizza in kreutzberg and looking at a bunch of colorful rockabilly-types.
weather was nice and spirits were sky high.

while staying in berlin we crashed on silje and petris livingroom-floor, that´s how we like to travel, and we cannot thank them enough for their kind hospitality.

floor-owners silje and petri

that night we did´nt have a concert so we hooked up with carlos who directed the GIMME TEN-videos and some of he´s crew.
we went to this warehouseparty way out of the town, but we left soon as they were playing minimal-techno.

ungdomskulen with the GIMME TEN directors Carlos and Petri polaroid: eirik lande

next day we walked around town looking to shop, but we did´nt buy anything.
but it was nice to just stroll around and feel the concrete under our fairly hairy toes.
some of the videos were shot at a local bar called ek kneipe, and that night we had a screening of all the videos in a directors cut-styled montage at the bar. the turn-up was good and it was amazing to see all the actors and the bar the videos were shot in.
we rushed to the venue afterwards, that night we were playing a club called Magnet, the night was curated by karrera klub, which is a group of very nice and friendly people, they had alot of food and drinks and snacks and this + that lined up for us.
the gig was great and after we´d sold some merch, we brought are friends and hung out backstage.
there was no stereo there, but in the corner there was a sega megadrive tv-game so our background music was the eminent and fitting sonic the hedgehog-theme.

we left for an afterparty at silje and petris, ordered some pizza and bought some beers, and we ended up dancing til 8 clock in the morning, and literally danced into the cab taking us to the airport.


we must´ve looked like a bunch of hobos as we all fell asleep 2 min after the cabman hit the paddle, good thing he wasnt a serial killer cause we would be chanceless had he decided to drive us to the woods and cut us up like little pieces of sushi.
the rest of the day was sleeping, sleeping, sleeping with smirks big as rainbows stretched across our faces for a long time to come.
what a great time we had, thank you all!

polaroid: eirik lande ( )

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