søndag 11. oktober 2009

Idunno Tour Post 3

So here´s a short summary of the last days of the uk idunno tour.enjoy.

Friday we smooshed Oxford silly and hooked up with our friends dear friends in the Young Knives ensamble, the show went really smoothly and
afterwards we threw a birthday party for Øyvind at Toms and Nikki´s place, there was a proffesional balloon-figure setup taking its rounds,
it was beatles rockband rocking in the livingroom, and improv theatre sessions in the kitchen, we ended the night laying on our stomachs
drawing a big-ass painting that is going to be worth something some day, jolly good times!

Saturday we played the dance magic dance concept at bardens boudoir we had one helluva nice time
and we got to share the stage with Invasion a really good soul-metal band (!) (check em out) and the japanese outfit
screaming tea party.
We stayed at the promoters place mirah,( i might misspell it) and slept on madrasses on her and marks livingroom floor, the next day we met up with the
peeps from last night and went for a big ass breakfast, mmm-hmmm.

Sunday we played this church that they´d turned into a club in Colchester, really good acoustics and a punk-chilli-stew big enough to
feed a 100 hungry soldiers set the tone.Its a funny thing it took our own rock-show to get us into a church, halleprogjha!

Monday we played Manchester and that was nice enough, got to meet our uk number one fans debbie and claire( if only briefly) and we also hooked
up with y.k´s old crew Martin and Ben.

Tuesday and last playing-day of the tour we are in York,the place New York got it´s name from apparently.
We are waiting to soundcheck now, had some italian earlier,Lunch-special for a good price, Sugar FreeQ-Andy went for an Chinese Buffeet and lost a tooth,
no kidding.
i bought some records as well,mike oldfield tubular bells first print, rick wakemen king arthur something and a the nice record called autumn 67 spring 68, we also bought calvin klein bootleg undies at the market, they´ll probably fall off in when we need them the most.
The show in York was extremely hot and alot of fun
A bunch of norwegian students came out, and they all bought are tees, very generous.

In addition a guy called Vojta who saw us in Trutnov almost 2 years ago, came over with a setlist that he had gotten his hands on, and wanted us to sign it,
so we did, and took his picture.

So this is it, smell you later till the next time and thanks to everyone coming out, doing lights and sound and keeping things nice and perky.

Wednesday going home.

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markus - sa...

Høres helt vilt ut! Stå på! Kommer antageligvis til å sende nytt brev snart, så følg med i postkassen deres!

Apropos postkasser - Ventet i over 2 uker nå på iDunno singelen fra Cargorecords.co.uk, begynner å bli grusomt redd for at den er borte i posten! Er den ikke kommet i morgen så blir det mail til de altså!

Ha en fin turnee!

ungdomskulen sa...

fikk du postkortet eller?
jeg har ny addresse så send heller til christian michelsens gt7 5012 bergen.
gleder oss til post

markus - sa...

jepp, fikk postkortet! dødsbra, takker for det!