tirsdag 13. oktober 2009

Idunno Tour Post 4

hey again.

since last time we played oslo and trondheim, thats norwegian cities peeps.

at oslo we played at internasjonalen which is a pretty new and exciting venue, it was part of a thing called øya open,
which is an outbranch of øyafestival and in a week or so we are gonna play for øya in new york.
the night was really nice but nice isnt worth writing about.

then we did trondheim, we played at a venue with a mafia theme called familien, norwegian for the family, i hate the mafia,
i think its nothing glamorous about them,i can see why people dig into the aestetics but the truth is,
these people will eat your heart out in an eyeblink, anywho...
so we did this concert, and afterwards we decided to do another one in the basement with datarcok,
it was a back to back event, where all the songs blended into eachother, it was alot of fun and we have it on tape so we will post it on youtube on of these days.

that was last week so this almost the present.

check it out...

we played berlin the other night, and that was wicked, it was raining all night, so we found shelter in rock and roll.
we met up with some old friends, and nothing spectacular happend.
øyvind accidently almost ruined the power circut when he was taking down the backdrop and a beer that another band left onstage,
tipped over and beer plus electricity equals shwawwwwwcz.

then we played prague, which was really nice, again alot of norwegians came out so we invited them to dance on stage,
and boy did they dance.
earlier that day we hoped to find a classy restaurant that was really cheap, but we found a dungeon that was cheap-looking and
totally cheap-tasting, oh well...
that night we stayed in a real fancy hotel, it had crystal crown-lamps in every room, real small bathtubs and
alot of miniature bottles of different soaps and creams.
its nothing like crashing in a nice hotel room after a day of rain, dungeons and tourist traps and wet shoes.

tonight we are in brussels, we just had some snitzel and are warm and content.
in belgium they either speak french or dutch, we learned something in dutch, its probably not the right spelling but
it goes like this "schwaffel en kut mutten sammen sitten".
the show went really well, and brussels is a nice town, to those who are nice to brussels.
tomorrow we have a 9 hour drive ahead of us, so dang if theres a trafficjam.
yours truly.

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markus - sa...

smakte dere på belgisk sjokolade mens dere var der? hvis ikke hadde det vært bortkastet tur!