lørdag 29. januar 2011

so long

little ones...
its been so long, but you know, blog-posts are like gnomes, they come and go.
so, heres a little update on what is going down in the land of the u to the s.
we are recording our third LP at the moment, and making some remixes, adjustments and refurbishing.its gonna be so thrilling to put this new dash of dish on the tables around the furious planet that is earth.

life is good, and we are content.
but we miss playing for you peeps, its been too long since we rocked your bar, and it is time for some a-changing.
we have some new tricks hidden up our sleeve, some new thoughts to plant in your heads, and some new secrets to whisper in your ears.

2011 is gonna be a good year for us and you, we gonna show you alittle bit of our world and vise versa.
we have decorated our studio/rehearsal-space into a tiki lounge, and soon we will take you there like a lazy breeze is taking a styrofoam-cup on a tour around the park.
keep calm, cause it will not be long til your ears will be filled with bewilderness, until then listen to the old records....


1 kommentar:

Alban sa...

Ungdomskulen, Ungdomskulen!
hurry, hurry, hurry!
can't wait. and pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseee...come to vienna this time around!

can't sleep 'til I listen to your new record.

love, alban